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Giving Back in the Community

No matter how much success you have in your career, it’s always important to balance that out with outreach endeavors that connect you back to the community that embraces you. Chef Ron Duprat is proud to give back to his community in many ways. He does his part to spread awareness of anything from fighting childhood obesity to rebuilding Haiti.

Here are a few initiatives Chef Ron is involved with and some background on each:

  • Florida Introduces Physical Activity and Nutrition to Youth (FLIPANY): The mission of this organization is to promote physical activity and nutrition education programs for youth and their families, raising awareness and creating policies for a healthier community as a whole. They collaborate with community centers, parks, and other social services agencies with programs that address childhood obesity and hunger by promoting healthy food preparation, physical activity and wellness initiatives.
  • Food for the Poor: Provides food, housing and emergency relief to the poor throughout the Caribbean and Latin America – including Haiti, Chef Ron’s native homeland.
  • Hearts for Haiti: A dedicated team of volunteers that works in the name of God to build safe church and community structures in villages throughout Haiti. These buildings offer residents a safe place to worship, get medical care, attend school and take refuge during storms.
  • No Kid Hungry: Led by Share our Strength, the No Kid Hungry campaign strives to end childhood hunger in America by making sure kids get the nutritious food they need every single day in order to thrive and develop.
  • Let’s Move: This is an initiative created by First Lady Michelle Obama to promote the importance of physical activity in children, advising kids to get at least one hour of play a day. This comprehensive initiative aims to end childhood obesity within a generation through endeavors to make healthier food and exercise choices.
  • International Youth Foundation: Ensures that youth develop essential life, technical and leadership skills they can use to earn a livelihood later on.
  • Hollywood Unites for Haiti: This non-profit organization was initially created to promote sports and cultural activities for the underprivileged youth of Haiti, but since the earthquake of 2010, the mission has expanded to include rebuilding the nation.

Doing your part to help those in your community starts with one outreach program, one kind service, one donation. Chef Ron is happy to support endeavors that make kids and their families happy, healthy and strong.

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