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Chef Ron Duprat's Blog

Diversity in the Hospitality and Media Industries

Diversity in the Hospitality and Media Industries

When we think of diversity, we think of many people coming together for a common goal. You’ll find it in schools, the workplace, at the grass roots level in communities…where individuals and groups featuring various socioeconomic backgrounds and physical abilities communicate in different languages from countries all around the world. No matter what your age, gender, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation, America is a place that fosters diversity. Read More »


3 Ways You Can Fight Childhood Obesity

We’ve come a long way in the past decade in the fight against obesity, but there’s still a long battle to be fought. Obesity in children is a serious epidemic that affects 12.7 million of children and teens between the ages of two and 19, according to the CDC. Obesity refers to a complex disorder that involves an excessive amount of body fat, leading to diseases and health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Read More »

Chef Ron Duprat Fruit

What Does it Mean to be a Culinary Ambassador?

Part of being a chef is sharing a love of food within home-based communities as well as other nations. Spreading the love of food, its health benefits and its flavors is part of being a Culinary Ambassador – a distinction not just any chef can hold. Earlier in his career, Chef Ron Duprat was named a Culinary Ambassador for the U.S. Department of State by former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. But what does this mean exactly? Read More »

Chef Ron Duprat Haitian Cuisine

Haitian Caribbean Cuisine Basics

It’s well known that Chef Ron Duprat is proud of his Haitian heritage. He pours that pride into many of his signature dishes to symbolize the food culture of his native homeland. He knew from a very young age that he loved to cook, often hanging on his grandmother’s apron strings while she cooked in the kitchen, filling the home with bold flavors, warm seasonings and fresh ingredients. Read More »

Chef Ron Duprat Advantage of eating fish

3 Health Benefits of Fish

You may have heard the buzz about fish before: how the omega 3s present in fish like salon can provide a variety of health benefits. But did you know just how healthy a piece of fresh fish – cooked the right way to bring out the natural flavors – really is? Chef Ron Duprat is a big proponent of fresh fish in his signature dishes, incorporating anything from fluke and flounder to black bass and lobster -- even crab and pearl oysters appear in his creations. Read More »

Chef Ron Duprat Giving back to the Community

Giving Back in the Community

No matter how much success you have in your career, it’s always important to balance that out with outreach endeavors that connect you back to the community that embraces you. Chef Ron Duprat is proud to give back to his community in many ways. He does his part to spread awareness of anything from fighting childhood obesity to rebuilding Haiti. Read More »